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Smith Garage Equipment is here for anyone that owns and operates a dealership, heavy-duty garage or other type of repair facility in Missouri. We are committed to making new alliances, striking new partnerships with clients and helping them to improve their business and increase ROI.

Working With Missouri Automotive Garages

We know that vehicle repair and maintenance is demanding work, where results are always a priority. We also know that mistakes can be costly in more ways than one, especially when it comes to equipment. We’re here to prevent those kinds of expensive errors from happening.

Smith Garage Equipment is, first and foremost, a garage equipment distributor, but our actual role goes far beyond what those words imply. We have a deep, technical understanding of the equipment we distribute, and know the best ways to use and deploy them. If you’re looking for Rotary lifts, Champion air compressors or anything from the wide array of Hunter Engineering products, we’ve got it and know how best to use it. We serve many cities in Missouri including Kansas City.

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Making Investments Work For You

Your goal when you buy any new piece of equipment is to justify the expenditure with a return on that investment, whether it’s increased productivity, cost efficiency, or some other boost that will improve your bottom line in a tangible, significant way. We understand how important it is that the sizable expense you contribute towards a new equipment purchase will yield benefits.

Smith Garage Equipment knows what a difference the right garage equipment can make for you, and we offer many products including:

  • Alignment Four Post & Scissor Racks
  • Alignment Machines
  • Tire Changers
  • Two Post & Four Post Lifts
  • Wheel Balancers
  • Brake Lathes
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Dryers

Make the Right Choice

If you’re looking for professional guidance and analysis to improve your facility, we can help you. We have consultations with teams of specialists that can look at what your productivity and financial goals are, look at the current configuration of your workplace, and come up with a plan of action and recommended equipment that can get you to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Whether you’re looking for an increase in productivity, speed, or cost-efficiency, we can help you.

We’ve also got a vast range of Hunter Engineering products that can fill many of the functions you’re looking to improve, like:

Hunter Lift Racks

Hunter lift racks not only range in design but are also available in traditional or flush mount configuration. Some of their advantages include:

  • 18,000 LB capacity
  • Can accommodate large heavy duty vehicles
  • PowerSlide and Inflation options available

Hunter Alignment Systems

Hunter Engineering alignment systems like the HawkEye Elite® alignment system offer state-of-the-art benefits including:

  • High-resolution cameras to identify alignment issues
  • Multiple configuration settings
  • Simple setup
  • Low maintenance system

Hunter Tire Changers

We’re proud to carry Hunter Engineering’s efficient tire changer systems, which make changing tires easy and less time-consuming than ever before. Some of the models available to you when you choose to buy from us are:

  • Revolution Tire Changer
  • Auto34s Tire Changers
  • TCX57 Tire Changers
  • TC3900, TC3700 and TC3300 Center Clamp Tire Changer Models
  • CS Series

Hunter Inspection Lanes

Smith Garage Equipment is a proud distributor of Hunter Engineering automotive lane inspection systems. By using this inspection system you can quickly:

  • Inspect tire inflation
  • Check tire tread depth
  • View diagnostic codes
  • Assess battery health
  • Check wheel alignment
  • And more

Smith Garage Equipment is ready to serve any business in Missouri that wants to increase productivity and efficiency with better equipment. This benefits both the business and the customer.

Contact us today, and let one of Missouri’s most trusted garage equipment distributors boost your ROI and help your business.

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