Rotary Lifts

The first of Rotary Lift was installed in Memphis, Tennessee at the Liversiege Service Station in 1925. It was called a “rotary lift” because it rotated 360 degrees to allow cars to be driven in and out of the bar in forward gear. Since then, Rotary Lifts has become a global leader in hydraulic lifts, and their products are used in shops throughout America.

Above Ground Lifts

Two Post Lifts

Two post lifts are the most popular kinds of lifts used in the automotive service industry, and the Rotary Lifts Two Post system has long been the standard for durability, reliability, quality, and safety. The Two Post design has been refined over the past 85 years, and investing in SHOCKWAVE equipped lifts can help save you time and money. Not only are Rotary Lifts Two Post Lifts known for being reliable, but it’s also easy to get parts so that your bay can continue to be profitable and experience as little downtime as possible.

Four Post Lifts

Rotary Lifts offers standard Four Post Lifts which are engineered to accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases, meaning that your garage will be able to lift and inspect anything that can be driven on the road. These systems also include heavy alley channels for Rolling Jacks, allowing you to easily lift cars, trucks, and both light and heavy-duty vehicles to meet the demands of your growing business.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are great when you need to do speedy repair work or a quick service and are ideal for shops with limited space. Folding ramps with rollers allow for vehicle spotting, the ramps fold to 65 degrees for ease of use, extra wide platforms allow for lots of clearance when driving on and off the lift, and an incorporated locking system located at each cylinder will allow your mechanics to work efficiently and worry-free.

Low-Rise Lifts

The Rotary Low Rise Lifts are your best bet when it comes to doing a quick service on modern passenger cars and light trucks up to 10,000 lbs. Thanks to newly designed, modern pads and adapters, a wider drive-over capacity, and increased lifting capacity your mechanics can easily perform brake and tire work in no time at all, leaving your customer happy and your employee free to move onto the next service.

in-Ground Lifts


The Rotary Lifts Smartlift series offers a sleek, aesthetically pleasing service area which will immediately put both your customers and your mechanics at ease. Not only do Smartlifts fit in less space, allowing for a smaller footprint and lower construction costs and reduced utility bills, but these environmentally responsible systems are made from recycled materials. They are bio-fluid compatible, use 95% less oil than traditional style inground lifts, and are contained within a polymer housing which protects both the lift and the environment.

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