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We’re your premier local distributor of heavy duty garage equipment for automotive garages, repair shops and dealerships in Roanoke, VA.

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Garage equipment is essential to getting your jobs done, but the right equipment applied in the right way can have a significant impact on improving your quality, speed, efficiency, and ultimately your profits. A professional consultation with Smith Garage Equipment lets our experts see how you’re working and what equipment you’re using, then find ways to improve many aspects of your operation.

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We Have the Garage Equipment Brands You Need & Trust

One of the things we pride ourselves on is fulfilling our clients’ needs when they know exactly what they want. If you’ve already done the research and have decided on a course of action and set of equipment that will improve your facilities in a way you’re excited about, we’re excited to be the ones that help you to get there, and make your hard work and planning come to fruition.

If you’re looking to improve your operations but aren’t quite sure if you’re on the right track, we’re right there with you to optimize your workplace. Even if you don’t know the full capabilities of every piece of garage equipment, we do. We understand all the brands and their benefits, and we can help you to find out which ones will make the most difference to your shop or garage at the price point you’re comfortable with. We understand that a successful business benefits everyone, and we want to be a part of that.

A Proud Distributor of Hunter Equipment

For people that ask, Smith Garage Equipment is also ready to introduce potential clients and customers to Hunter Engineering products. The company has a sizable reputation for reliability and quality, and that’s what makes it a respected brand throughout the country.

If you’re a business in Roanoke that’s looking to dramatically improve your garage equipment, maybe Hunter Engineering equipment has what you’re looking for, with gear like:

Hunter Lift Racks

Hunter lift racks not only range in design but are also available in traditional or flush mount configuration. Some of their advantages include:

  • 18,000 LB capacity
  • Can accommodate large heavy duty vehicles
  • PowerSlide and Inflation options available

Hunter Alignment Systems

Hunter Engineering alignment systems like the HawkEye Elite® alignment system offer state-of-the-art benefits including:

  • High-resolution cameras to identify alignment issues
  • Multiple configuration settings
  • Simple setup
  • Low maintenance system

Hunter Tire Changers

We’re proud to carry Hunter Engineering’s efficient tire changer systems, which make changing tires easy and less time-consuming than ever before. Some of the models available to you when you choose to buy from us are:

  • Revolution Tire Changer
  • Auto34s Tire Changers
  • TCX57 Tire Changers
  • TC3900, TC3700 and TC3300 Center Clamp Tire Changer Models
  • CS Series

Hunter Inspection Lanes

Smith Garage Equipment is a proud distributor of Hunter Engineering automotive lane inspection systems. By using this inspection system you can quickly:

  • Inspect tire inflation
  • Check tire tread depth
  • View diagnostic codes
  • Assess battery health
  • Check wheel alignment
  • And more

Come to us and let our equipment specialists find the right equipment for you and your facility. Whether you want Hunter Engineering products or any of the other reputable brands that we stand behind, there’s something in our inventory that can help you. Our teams are dedicated to improving the way you work in Roanoke, looking at both your operational and financial goals, and finding the right combination of work and equipment that will allow you to meet both of these objectives.

Contact us today and find out how Smith Garage Equipment can help your Roanoke dealership, repair facility or other business to boost productivity and profit.

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